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Thread: First time vivarium build & tree frog owner

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    Default First time vivarium build & tree frog owner

    Hello! I recently adopted 4 WTF from Craigslist. They came in a 29g tank with a divider for water.

    I created a background with great stuff with a waterfall that flows into the separate water area.
    It has a false bottom and 4" of Zilla jungle mix with a top layer of sphagnum moss. I have pothos and spider plants growing.
    I use an incandescent bulb for heat/light and 5.0 coil bulb for light.
    Daytime temps range from 70F-88F
    Nighttime temps range from 66F-73F
    Humidity ranges from 30%-60%
    The water temp is 67F-72F (DO I NEED A HEATER?)

    Any tips or critiques are welcome!

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