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Thread: Swollen toe on tree frog?

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    Unhappy Swollen toe on tree frog?

    I've had my copes gray tree frog Gus for almost three years now and he's had no health problems whatsoever. However this week his toe has started to swell and it started mild and within a few days has gotten massive and I have no idea what could be wrong. There are no vets anywhere near me who work with frogs and the ones who do have no idea what is wrong. He is still eating and moving around and doesn't seem lethargic. It doesn't seem to be causing him pain as hr lets me touch it and examine it. He is being housed in a large two and a half foot by two foot cage with his three brothers who are also copes grays and they've been together for years. None of them have this either. They have cocofiber substrate and it is changed out on a regular basis. He is currently in a doctor's cage with no substrate, a moist towel and his hiding house with some fake leaves. I'm out of ideas and it keeps getting worse by the day. Someone help please.....Also for some reason this website won't let me upload a picture so just. Lock this link and it should be uploaded there

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    Default Re: Swollen toe on tree frog?

    You've taken him to a vet? More than one it sounds like. They had no idea at all? They didn't suggest doing anything?

    I'm not a vet at all but that looks like an abcess or a tumor. If it's an abcess it'll probably drain at one point, but again I'm not a medic, it could take antibiotics.

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