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Thread: white's tree frog spinal deformity

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    Default white's tree frog spinal deformity

    I got a juvenile white's tree frog about 2 weeks ago and once I got him home I noticed that he had a hunchback and when he lays down he is crooked and almost "s" shaped. Will he grow out of this/ will this effect his quality of life/ life span? so far he is very active at night and eats well.

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    Default Re: white's tree frog spinal deformity

    Can someone move this to the tree frogs thread?

    Anyhow it could be your frog has a calcium deficiency that led to the deformity. Probably not an advanced one since he seems to move around a lot at night. I'd make sure to dust the crickets I gave him with calcium powder and maybe get him examined if you know a vet that sees frogs.

    He's probably not going to change shape but there's probably a chance he can have a good life. I recently saw a tadpole with the same deformity.

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