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Thread: Red Eyed Tree Frog with skin problem.

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    Question Red Eyed Tree Frog with skin problem.

    I just got a new RETF. I believe it to be a wild caught female. I was afraid she had the and she had the neon green spots of death, and was coated, which sadly my first RETF died from (I think due to my own poor maintenance). However where my first frog's spots were distinct even when she was her normal bright green with this one I only saw them when she arrived and was dark and briefly when she was dark again for a bit over the few days I've had her. What she does have all of the time is weird black marks which I think have increased. She seems a bit lethargic and I have not seen her eat. I have her in a basic little hospital set up and have soaked her in pedialite which seemed to perk her up very slightly. I also have baytril water which is sealed and only a couple months old (is that still usable). I am however weary of using this as I think the dose may be a bit too strong as my first frog died during that first soak and the one vet even willing to see her had relatively little experience with frogs as he mostly saw reptiles although she was pretty weak from her illness already. I want to do right by this one. Does anyone have any idea what it is and given my scenario have suggestions? I have seen skin peeling connected to chytrid fungus but am unclear of what exactly it is supposed to look like? Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: Red Eyed Tree Frog with skin problem.

    I don't know what it is, but I think you should treat it as a skin fungus since patchy shedding is one of the symptoms. You could get a second opinion from the vet, I guess, tell them your other frog died.

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