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Thread: HELP! unknown Insect/bug pest!

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    Exclamation HELP! unknown Insect/bug pest!

    Hello everyone. Hope you're having a good day, because i'm not . So recently i started to see some weird white stuff on my bark in my frogs terrarium. It looked like spider web and wasn't that big, it was all over the place tho. I didn't think much of it, and thought that if i would spray/put water on it, it would disappear. But it didn't.

    One day i took my frogs water dish to clean it (like always), and saw that there were 1000's of little tiny spider eggs in the web things now. So i changed the soil and everything. They haven't appeared again in my frogs terrarium. But... They are now appearing in one of my plants soil (i have i lot of plants i keep in plant pods on my window). I don't know what to do! i have much trouble whit getting rid of these things. And i don't want to use any pesticides because i'm scared it will harm my animals.

    I also have been seeing tiny flies (think fruit flies) in my animal enclosures. I also, instead of hand/tong feed, now just put a grasshopper/cricket in my frogs terrarium and he eats it (or so i think ). Is it maybe because i put the feeders in my terrarium and they maybe laid eggs? I don't think so because the eggs look like tiny balls (just like spider eggs do).

    I also think, that one of my feeder crickets escaped, because the plants on my window are being eaten by something .

    Plz help, Best regards, Oliwier.

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    Default Re: HELP! unknown Insect/bug pest!

    Hello and welcome to frog forum!!! Yikes, looks like a nasty infestation.

    For your frog(s), i recommend quarantine for two reasons. First, so they can be out of the way when you clean and disinfect their enclosure and second, so you can monitor and make sure they haven't been adversely affected by the pests

    throw away the substrate, trust me, it's better this way unless its something non disposable and cleananble.

    All decor that is not alive can be boiled for 20 minuted to kill anything living on it

    For live plants, try taking them to a room that you don't go into often. Wipe those eggs and webs off of them and spray them with apple cider vinegar. You can do this with the plants on your windowsill as well. Spray them once a day with the apple cider vinegar (put them on a tarp or else the stuff will stick to surrounding objects) for a week. Then uproot them, wash thoroughly and re-pot with NEW SOIL. That should solve it

    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: HELP! unknown Insect/bug pest!

    I'm sorry to say... But they are back, they always come back. What should i do?!?

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    Default Re: HELP! unknown Insect/bug pest!

    Could it be a slime mold? They're harmless.

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    Default Re: HELP! unknown Insect/bug pest!

    no, definitely not

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    Default Re: HELP! unknown Insect/bug pest!

    It sounds like there may be 2 things going on, though I'd need a photo to be sure. The fuzzy white could be white mold. Adding isopods and springtails will help the mold. The insects sound like fungus gnats. Do they fly? They are likely breeding in your substrate. They are small like fruit flies and buzz around at the tops of the tanks.

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