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Thread: African Clawed Frog Choking Incident & Odd Behavior

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    Exclamation African Clawed Frog Choking Incident & Odd Behavior

    Four days ago I discovered one of my ADFs completely out of the water atop a piece of driftwood with a piece of cork bark half hanging out of its mouth. Surprisingly the frog was still alive and I was able to remove the cork bark with teasers, but ever since that happened the frog has been acting extremely bizarre. It now moves around in short erratic bursts while banging into everything, is constantly hiding and has stopped eating (it just completely ignores all of the food offered to it). As far as I can tell the frog doesn't have any obvious physical injuries, but clearly there is something wrong. By the way, it's one of three ADFs I have in a 20 gallon aquarium along with a couple snails and live plants.

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