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Thread: Newbie--How young can you feed FBT worms?

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    Default Newbie--How young can you feed FBT worms?

    I recently bought 6 Fire Belly Toads for my 65 gallon tank. It is set up according to typical FBT standards and they are loving it. Only problem being feeding time. Problem is that my FBT can't seem to catch the crickets. The crickets are too fast or hide in the moss where the toads can't see them. Is that normal? Should I just be more patient with them? My solution was going to be worms of some sort but I was told that a juvenile FBT can't digest worms and that I should stick to crickets. Help!!!

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    Default Re: Newbie--How young can you feed FBT worms?

    Hello and welcome to Frog Forum!

    In a large tank like that crickets are very easily lost. If you plan on feeding crickets, I would recommend removing the toads individually during feeding time so the crickets can get away and end up dead and rotten in the corner. This method will also help you monitor how much each toad is eating.

    You can always cut the worms to size to suit your toads' needs. Cut the worm into pieces no longer than the space between the toad's eyes and it will be perfect for swallowing.

    In terms of digestion, the worms (earthworms/nightcrawlers (NOT MEALWORMS OR SUPERWORMS)(added this for anyone who reads this and is unsure)) are actually way easier to digest and way more nutritious than crickets.

    I'll add this in there too: remember to use calcium poweder with vitamin d3 at least every other feeding and a multivitamin powder once a week (Recommend Repashy brand, always reliable). Just dust the stuff on

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