I am in a unique position where I live in a split house (one house where my side is constructed as a studio). I don't control the thermostat, the owner on the main side of those house does so, with it being winter and my house mate cranking the heat in the house to 85-90 degrees at night, I'm worried about my two new kids. I've got them in an exo-terra 12x12x18, coconut substrate, fake hanging plants (one small, one long) on each side, climbing log and a bath dish. I have a 40 watt infrared heat lamp hovering about 8 inches above it through the screen. I'm so worried the heat in the house is going to suck out the moisture in their home. Should I be worried? I apologize if there is any redundant posting here and I didn't find an old thread I should have. I'm a newbie to this (I got them as a gift for my daughters 4th birthday, she loves frogs!) but not an idiot, I did a ton of research first but didn't think the ONE thing through. Could I combine a fan? I'm trying to make sure it's super moist until I find out more. Also, are they down with slugs from outside?! Having issues adding pics.