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Thread: Enclosure too big?

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    Hi, I recently purchased a 55 gallon tank. I am planning to put reed frogs in it. I recently had a thought that my frogs might not be able to find their food (flightless fruit flies) in the spaghum moss. I would bowl feed them but im pretty sure the flies would just climb out. Is there anything that the flies cant climb on but is safe for my frogs? If there is i will use it to line the feeding container so the flies cant crawl out. Should I just use a smaller tank?


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    55 gallon is a bit much for reed frogs in my opinion. A 20-30 gallon would be good!

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    Default Re: Enclosure too big?

    I don't think it's too much, frogs in the wild might move around for miles to find food. A few extra gallons probably won't hurt. However, if the fruit flies are going off and hiding, disappearing in the tank that is a problem. What's your feeding bowl made of now? If the flies can climb up glass, you might want to try taking the frogs out and putting them into a bucket with flies for feeding. That might be stressful to the frogs, so it would probably only be good as a stop gap measure.

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    Thanks for the reply. My feeding bowl now is plastic. I havent decided yet wether im going to put the in a smaller tank for feeding or if im gonna keep them in a smaller tank permanently.

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