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Thread: Cleaning the old tank when moving to a new one

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    Default Cleaning the old tank when moving to a new one

    What is the proper procedure in cleaning out my old terrarium to make it safe for the new resident amphibian? My WTF's are moving from an 18x18x24 to a 24x18x24 terrarium, and I'm hoping to put some of my Gray Tree Frogs in the old terrarium.


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    Default Re: Cleaning the old tank when moving to a new one

    I'd just use a mixture of common houshold bleach and water to clean and disinfect everything. Rinse well, dry, rebuild. I wouldn't put any herps or amphibians back in it for at least two days to be sure any remaining bleach has decomposed. Preferably you should wait till your plantings and water quality stabilize.

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