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Thread: Getting gray tree frog to eat worms

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    Default Getting gray tree frog to eat worms


    I've been trying to switch my gray tree frog from a cricket based diet to a worm based diet, but I can't get her to eat the worms. She's interested and she managed to eat one piece a while ago. But, generally, she tries and just seems to be unable to get the pieces in her mouth, then she loses interest.

    Does anyone have any tricks to make it easier? At the moment I just leave the pieces with her in her feeding container... I'm not sure she'd take them if I tried giving them to her with tweezers (and I'd be afraid of hurting her since she can launch at food like crazy).

    By the way, I' trying to get her to switch because worms are generally considered a better staple than crickets, but they're not really a natural staple for this species. Any thoughts on that?

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    Default Re: Getting gray tree frog to eat worms

    I have had many gray tree frogs over the years, and none of them would eat earthworms, at least not consistently. I agree that they are probably not a natural part of their diet. Also, keep in mind that red wigglers have a foul taste that causes many herps to reject them. If you want to switch the frogs from crickets, why not try roaches? There are many species which are easily cultured, and more nutritious than crickets. You could also try superworms- although tree frogs seem to have an easier time with superworms that have just molted.

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    Default Re: Getting gray tree frog to eat worms

    Mine all eat worms, but they definetely have difficulty getting them down. Sometimes they'll even eat a worm only to have it slither back out of their mouth a few minutes later.

    Try wiping the worm's slime off with a paper towel or coating it with calcium/vitamin powder so it's easier for them to grasp.

    +1 on roaches- I use dubia but I don't reccomend them, they don't move around much and burrow into the substrate if you let them loose in a frog's enclosure. Turkestan roaches, lobsters or green bananas are probably better.

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    Default Re: Getting gray tree frog to eat worms

    I don't think I can find roaches around here.

    I give her crickets (and once a week, I dust them with calcium + D3 powder) and every now and then I give her wax worms and (more rarely) the wax worm moth.

    The super worms that I've seen seemed enormous. Do they have biting mouth parts?

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