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Thread: Please HELP! African Clawed Frog has not eaten in Week

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    Default Please HELP! African Clawed Frog has not eaten in Week

    Help... My frog has not eaten in almost a week and I'm worried... She usually can chow down at least 2 spoons of her normal food everyday... She has been shedding a bit and I figure that is what is keeping her going... I do notice she is a tiny bit bloated as compared to how fat she usually is... I researched that it could be dropsy and I have recently just changed the tank and thoroughly cleaned it to rid it of any bacteria... I've also bought some freshwater aquarium salt to add to the tank and that has helped the bloating a little... Also within the past few hours I have administered Maracyn 2 into her tank hoping that helps... Here is a video taken a few years back of how she normally looks:

    This is now:

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    Default Re: Please HELP! African Clawed Frog has not eaten in Week

    Hi Camila
    Please do not add salt to the tank, you should instead opt for salt baths
    In a holding tank, start changing some water in tank to clear the salt
    I am at work right now so cannot post the correct dosage and time for baths
    But will update asap.
    Salt is not native for the frogs and may cause harm if kept to long in saltDiseases
    Bloat, aka Dropsy
    * Characterized by serious swelling of the limbs and body. Frog literally looks like it is puffing up. (Think of a resemblance to the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghost Busters). Unless diagnosed and treated in the early stages, it is most often fatal.
    * Fluid begins to build under the skin. The frog's body is unable to process the fluids and the fluid begins to pool under the skin and around the internal organs.
    * Thought to be related to kidney and liver genetic abnormalities or diseases.
    * Has been found to occur more in frogs primarily fed fatty foods such as bloodworm and beef heart.
    * A high quality pelleted diet and clean water are recommended preventative measures.
    * Does not spread from frog to frog - separation is needed to not stress healthy frogs by treating them for something they do not have.
    1. If frog is in a community tank then set up a treatment/quarantine tank, 10 gallons is sufficient. If the frog is the sole inhabitant of its own tank it may remain in there. If there is carbon in the filter then remove it prior to treatment. Filter not needed for treatment tank.
    2. Start a round of treatment with Maracyn II or Maracyn Plus. Dose as described on package.
    3. Daily salt baths. Take a spare container (Tupperware or a Kritter Keeper) - add one gallon of dechlorinated water around 72* and 1/2 Teaspoon of Epsom Salt. Let the frog remain in here for an hour. The discard the water and return the frog to its treatment tank.
    4. If no improvement after 10-14 days, the case may be considered incurable. Continue the salt dips for the frog's comfort and keep separated and comfortable. Depending on the severity of the bloat the frog's lifespan is indeterminable. The frog may last a few weeks, to a few months, to the better part of a year. If it was caught early and the bloats progression halted, the frog may live a few years if lucky.
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