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Thread: Suppliers out of FBT? Trying to find a pair for my son.

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    Default Suppliers out of FBT? Trying to find a pair for my son.

    Hi everyone,

    Since December, I've been trying to find a pair of fire bellied toads for my son. I haven't had any luck and it seems like most of the suppliers out. Does anyone know of an online source that has them available for shipping (overnight preferred, since it is very cold here in Bozeman, MT)?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Suppliers out of FBT? Trying to find a pair for my son.

    The cold might be part of the reason your local suppliers are out of stock. Best to wait for warmer weather. Shipping in cold weather is an issue as trucks and transfer facilities can't guarantee their temps. Even heat packs have plenty of cons.

    Otherwise ask around locally everywhere. Someone might know of another that is wanting to get rid of their FBTs. Craigslist, local ads in newspapers or bulletins. Maybe a friend or family member going on a trip by automobile to warmer climates where FBT's might be in stock.

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