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Thread: Scaphiopus/Spea Spadefoot Captive Breeding

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    Default Scaphiopus/Spea Spadefoot Captive Breeding

    Has anyone here ever successfully bred any North American spadefoot toads?
    I'm looking for a challenge. [emoji13]

    (I'd be willing to at least TRY to breed field collected species, then release them back as soon as they've successfully bred)

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    Default Re: Scaphiopus/Spea Spadefoot Captive Breeding

    These are some of my favorite "non-pet" species. I haven't bred them but seen then reproduce in the wild. From what I saw, they can breed in a water filled tire rut or a small pond.
    They are explosive breeders and metamorphose in a matter of a few days. They are so cute If you want to read an interesting book about them, see Gnomes of the Night by Arthur Bragg,
    Terry Gampper
    Nebraska Herpetological Society

    “If we can discover the meaning in the trilling of a frog, perhaps we may understand why it is for us not merely noise but a song of poetry and emotion.”
    Adrian Forsyth

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    Default Re: Scaphiopus/Spea Spadefoot Captive Breeding

    "Gnomes of the night"

    10/10 name

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    Default Re: Scaphiopus/Spea Spadefoot Captive Breeding

    I know this is an old thread but, how and what are you feeding them? I have caught many over the past several years and after a few weeks of not eating I would let them go. I have tried field collected critters(pillbugs, field crickets, wood roaches ) , mealworms, crickets, roach nymphs....

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