My kids have a grey tree frog. She was wild caught three years ago and quickly became very tame. We once visited the only "herp vet" around only to find she knew nothing about frogs. My frog was molting but vet didn't know frogs did that and prescribed meds for possible infection. So there are no vets here in rural area to help. My frog recently started to show signs of something wrong. One of her rear legs doesn't work. She drags it behind. It doesn't really look broken because it does go somewhat back in place when she sits in the water. Today, I found her upside down in her water dish, with very little water. It evaporates quickly in our dry home. I refilled it, and placed her right side up. She seemed okay. Several hours later, I found her upside down again under a plant. I tried to turn her over and she made a noise/squeak at me. I'm afraid she is really suffering and I need to know how to administer the neosporin with pain med to end this, but I also don't want to kill our pet if she could recover. Any thoughts?