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Thread: Help!! African Clawed Frog!

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    Exclamation Help!! African Clawed Frog!

    Hello, I am new to the frog world. I purchased an African Clawed Frog yesterday at my local pet store along with some guppies.. I didn't know much about the frog, my Grandma use to have one... Her's lived a long time and she had no problems with him, she also had fish in with hers. The pet store did not tell me anything about them.. I have been looking up info and read they could eat my guppies, I only got one frog.. The problem? I got him about 30 hours ago and he has yet to eat. I have tried and tried and he refuses. I have a hide out in the tank along with some greenery which I later read plastic isn't good so I will be switching the plants. I am posting because I have no idea how to get him to eat and am worried about him. I tried hand feeding and putting it on a plate in the tank... He didn't show any interest in it at all, he just swam away, never even opened his mouth. From what I have read, they love food. The pet store told me to buy the Shrimp Pellets to feed him so that's what I bought. He was at the pet store in a tank with 2 other frogs, I read somewhere earlier that you should get a "group" of them when they're so young... I did not know that, any suggestions? I can send pictures of the tank with the setup and all. I would just like more information on how to get him to eat and what I should do. Thank you so much in advance!

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    I hv dwarf 2 dwarf frogs and I feed them with a turkey baster . I drop right in front of them and above and they eat it like that and I also hv a little dish in there where I put food. I keep it in the same place. Mine took a few days to get all moved in and comfortable. I hope this works for you too. If your going to add another you should maybe do it asap. So they get comfortable with eachother.

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