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Thread: NEED HELP - 3 months old Bull Frog refuse to eat over 1 week and close eye all day

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    Default NEED HELP - 3 months old Bull Frog refuse to eat over 1 week and close eye all day

    Hi All,

    I am new to here, nice to meet you all.
    English is not my mother language, please forgive my bad writing.

    I had bought a 3 month old little africa bull frog from a pet shop,
    the frog is keep closing eye, but i didn't aware that and just think it was sleeping.
    however, he refuse to eat over 1 week (wheat worms & Zoo Med's Pacman Frog Food),
    and it looks not active and weak.
    His eyes keep closed....I checked his body, there is no wound, hotness, illness or redness
    he still can push the mud by his leg and hide in the mud.
    I worry my frog will die if keep refuse to eat. What should i do???

    Thanks very much

    I can't upload the photo, photo link as below

    1. Size of enclosure? 40cmx40cm

    3. Humidity? 60%~65%

    4. Temperature? 26'C

    5. Water - type - for both misting and soaking dish? tap water

    6. Materials used for substrate? Coconut soil

    8. Main food source? I gave wheat worms & Zoo Med's Pacman Frog Food, but refused to eat.

    9. Vitamins and calcium? (how often?) No

    10. Lighting? No special lighting, the tank in living room

    11. What is being used to maintain the temperature of the enclosure? No, my home's temperature around 26'C

    12. When is the last time he/she ate? I dont know, i never saw it eat.

    13. Have you found poop lately? No, there is no poop found

    14. A pic would be helpful including frog and enclosure (any including cell phone pic is fine)

    15. Describe frog's symptoms and/or recent physical changes; to include it's ventral/belly area. no wound, hotness, illness or redness

    16. How old is the frog? 3 month

    17. How long have you owned him/her? 10 days

    18. Is the frog wild caught or captive bred? I Dont know

    19. Frog food- how often and if it is diverse, what other feeders are used as treats? I Dont know

    20. How often the frog is handled? i had put it in 1 cm high water 2 times (room temperature)

    21. Is the enclosure kept in a high or low traffic area? 1.2M height (on table)

    22. Describe enclosure maintenance (water changes, cleaning, etc) change water per 2days

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    Default Re: NEED HELP - 3 months old Bull Frog refuse to eat over 1 week and close eye all day

    Does your tap water have chlorine added to it? That will make a frog sick if you don't add de-chlorinating chemicals. They sell them where they sell fish supplies.

    Sometimes not moving can mean a serious calcium deficiency. I don't know how much calcium wheat worms have but if he wasn't given supplements in the pet store that might be a problem.

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    Default Re: NEED HELP - 3 months old Bull Frog refuse to eat over 1 week and close eye all day

    Your temperatures could be a little higher, I think keeping him closer to 85f(29c?) Is ideal. Wheat worms/mealworms aren't the best feeders for these guys as their shells are hard to digest and they're not the most nutritious. Dubia roaches or night crawlers are ideal, even gutloaded crickets would be better if you can't find those. And like the person above said, amphibians are extremely sensitive to the chemicals in tap water, so you'll want to use a water conditioner like for aquariums to neutralize them. Make sure you do this for the water in his dish and the water you use to moisten the soil. Hope he feels better soon!

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