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Thread: Can I feed these worms?

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    Default Can I feed these worms?

    I found 1/2lb of earthworms for 35$, which is a decent price here in Canada.

    I emailed then lady about how the worms are raised and she replied with -----

    "My worms are healthy and active, although I am not sure what you mean by parasites. There are sometimes other creatures in the vermicomposting system (mites, springtails, sometimes fruitless), but these are feeding on the food scraps, not the worms. My worms are fed composted horse manure, non-medicated chick feed, leaves, straw, and kitchen scraps (which are not necessarily labeled 'organic')."

    ----Would these be fine to feed to my frog? I'd prefer to buy from this lady if possible as 25 nightcrawlers cost 10$ from the fishing store

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    Default Re: Can I feed these worms?

    Earthworms/Night crawlers are great feeders, but there are a few issues: Mine came in a bucket of soil which also contained and introduced little critters like mites. Isolate the one you want to feed and hold it under cold running water. This should remove the pests and force the worm to defecate.

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