I'm so worried about my frog. I have had him for about 3 months.

He is a Northern grey tree frog.

He is wild caught I never meant to get him.
My husband and I saved him from our cats he had no marks or anything the cats were just pawing him to see what the jumpy thing was. But he hopped into the living room and into our hearts and now 3 months later here we are.

He used to eat fruit flies but I just very recently switched him to pinhead crickets dusted with rep-powder but he won't eat or really move at all and he is so skinny i can see his back bones and his tummy is sunken in.

This is the same frog that chased down a fly two weeks ago hopping everywhere for it.

He still has quite the powerful hop.
I admit when I saw him being so lethargic I got panicky and picked him up to check his limbs and he unhappily hopped away. So he isn't too weak to hop he just doesn't want to and won't eat either.
When I mist around him and some water gets on him he wipes it off so I know his front and back limbs look like they're in working order.

I'm so worried.

I live in a small town in Minnesota so we dont have amphibian or herp vets I have to go to the cities for that.
Which is hours and hours away.

But I have been looking into vets there if I need to go.

I love my frog and his croaky little personality.

Every day I go to his quarantine tank I dread he will be dead.

Please help me.

Thank you so much in advance.