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Thread: hi! newb owner with questions!

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    Default hi! newb owner with questions!

    i've been wanting RETFs for as long as i can remember, and after promising them as a gift five years ago, my husband finally delivered!

    unfortunately, since it was a surprise i thought would never come, i hadn't done the research prior to their arrival, and although he did some before he ordered them, it's been a learning process. they arrived on tuesday, and after spending the subsequent few days in a tank i felt was way too small and short, just today (sunday), we upgraded them to a palatial vertical tank that they do seem to like better.

    here are my questions (i've seen conflicting info on all of the following, so i'm hoping to get some more targeted feedback):

    1) they aren't eating; this is my chief concern. we are feeding them small crickets, but they're like ehhhh. although i've done enough poking around to learn that it can take some time for them to acclimate and start eating (and we've not yet had them a week and just moved them AGAIN), i'm wondering if there's something important we're missing, that we shouldn't just be chalking up to "new environment." i did read here an old comment from 2012 where a user recommended covering three sides of the tank until they start exploring, which we've just done. but the eating thing continues to concern me.

    2) one of them has developed a consistent dark mottled color, which he did NOT have a few days ago. his bro is still bright green and perfect, while he is darker and mottled, with white spots. he looks sickly, in essence. that same one seems to fall into very deep sleeps that it takes him awhile to rouse from, to the point we've twice thought he had passed.

    3) they're sleeping a LOT. like all the time.

    new setup (i have pics but not the ability to upload at the moment, but can later if necessary):

    24H x 18 x 18
    substrate on bottom
    two live orchids (one flowering, one not; are flowers a problem?)
    fake greenery to climb (though not as much as i'd like; i want to add a few branches once they're acclimated, since we've already shaken them up enough)
    running fountain (water dish at bottom)
    extra water dish because why not
    temp between 75 and 85
    humidity between 85 and 95

    what might i be doing wrong / missing? again: total newb, so any and all information is welcome and vastly appreciated.

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