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Thread: How do I know my frogs are getting enough to eat?

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    Default How do I know my frogs are getting enough to eat?

    I was wondering how to tell if your frog is getting enough food? Is there a thing g to look for in case they arent? In other words how to know if they are to.skinny, fat ,ect

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    Default Re: How do I know my frogs are getting enough to eat?

    If one of your frogs becomes skinny, you will know. After a certain point, you will see the bones in their pelvis stick out, or otherwise become abnormal. Try feeding it separate from other animals, or if it's alone, try feeding it in a dish where it's prey can't get out, so it can clearly see them, and you'll know if it ate anything. Some good fating foods are wax-worms, hornworms, and pinky mice. If you were just looking for some staple foods for it, I highly recommend you Canadian night-crawlers, as they are very nutritious, and, should they escape, will act as cleaners of the enclosure and eat poop or leftover insect parts. If you do have a question about one of your animals, maybe you could take a picture for us to see? You will sadly have to use an external website, such as Imgur or Photobucket and upload a link here. And I have a few more articles here: Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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