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Thread: What plants should I use?

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    Default What plants should I use?

    I am setting up my reed frog tank. All I know so far is that the entire botton of the of the tank will be water, but I might make a gravel island if the plants need land. Other than that, I know nothing. I don't know what plants to use, how to set up the plants, and what the plants need. If anyone has an answers to these questions, please help. I heard about air plants and I think I will get some, but i would also like some hanging or climbing plants. I am also looking for a place to buy the plants cheap, so if you know any place in southern ontario, im open.


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    Default Re: What plants should I use?

    Ive seen some amazing reed frog tanks with mantzinita wood, java moss and peace lilles. If the vivarium is going to have a waterfall or misting system, plants such as Anubias and Java moss work as well. These will grow emergent on wood with regular misting.
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    Default Re: What plants should I use?

    Thank you very much for the reply. Sadly I do not have a waterfall or mist system, I only have a spray bottle. I will spray 1-4 times a day. Are there any plants that live well under those conditions?

    Thanks Again

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    Default Re: What plants should I use?

    My favorite here is a Alocasia low rider or an alocasia polly. my red eye always sleep on them.

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