Hi everyone.
I'm in England and have just been sold a pair of 'marine' cane toads, being told that they didn't need anything other than the things they came with and that they made you hallucinate if you touched them and they didn't ever breed in captivity.
This info was clearly entirely wrong...

They're in a storage box with a tepid heat mat, deep bowl and an inch of dirt and I feel depressed for them, especially since, being told that I would only need to buy a tub of mealworms a month, I only made sure I had the money spare for that and a little more to save every week for a replacement heat mat or tub or vet care or whatever in the future.

I'm working on giving them a better home.

As for me, I am a massive animal lover. I have had rats, mice, hamsters, birds, fish, I have 2 home loving cats, 2 cats that have always been more feral, 2 dogs and 4 puppies looking for homes. I also gained an adult and a sling chilli rose tarantula with these toads, which I'm learning about too. I'm obsessive about people learning about an animal if they're planning to have one...I dont believe Britain IS a nation of animal lovers, I think we're a nation of animal havers and it makes me sad.

Anyway....enough rambling lol!œ