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Thread: Pickerel (or southern leopard) frogs - threat to my goldfish?

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    Default Pickerel (or southern leopard) frogs - threat to my goldfish?

    My boyfriend bought a house that came with a small Lilly pad pond housing three goldfish (adults about 4.5 inches in length). While on vacation, his neighbors failed to feed them enough and they all died. He's been pretty upset so I went out today and bought four small (2 inch) comet goldfish and one 2.5 inch fantail goldfish. I introduced the fish into the pond but removed them soon after as I became concerned about the frogs currently inhabiting the pond. In the time that our pond has been free of fish, mosquito larvae populations are going crazy. I think this explains the 4-6 frogs hanging out in our pond. The frogs are quite large - ranging between 2.5 and 3.5 inches. Due to their appearance and list native amphibians in Texas, I have deducted that they are either Pickerel or southern leopard. When I approach the pond, they dive into the pond from the pads/ walls of pond and stay seated on the floor of the pond for quite some time. Should I be concerned about my goldfish practically sharing a pond with them? I like the frogs and don't plan on moving them, but I would very much like to return fish to the pond.

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