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Thread: All my frogs suddenly died.

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    Default All my frogs suddenly died.

    I had a Gray Tree Frog for 2 weeks I caught outside... Eating great. yesterday I added another one i found in a different location (was twice the size as original) and moved them both to a new larger enclosure. Paper towel substrate and a fake plant for the night. I misted it down. Next morning both are dead... What do you think happened?

    Have fun with the hobby!

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    Default Re: All my frogs suddenly died.

    Hard to say. According to the thread above it could be something that had been brewing. Maybe they were already a little sick or had been exposed to toxins and their organs just quit. Frogs can die from strokes too, but I don't think both would at once.

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    Default Re: All my frogs suddenly died.

    Also, very sorry for your frogs, but next time, make sure that you know how to do a proper quarantine period for them, to be sure this doesn't happen again. These articles may be of help: Very sorry once again

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