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Thread: Why do pacman frogs have different sized horns?

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    Default Why do pacman frogs have different sized horns?

    I'm curious to know. I've seen some cranwelli's with bigger horns than others of the same species, some have no horns at all. Is this a genetic thing? does it depend on the morph?

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    Default Re: Why do pacman frogs have different sized horns?

    It most likely is a random genetic factor that causes some to have bigger horns than others. Think of it like freckles or dimples on people

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    Default Re: Why do pacman frogs have different sized horns?

    There is still so much about these frogs that scientist and herpetologist don't know or cant figure out why, and the horns are one of those things there not 100% sure about. They figure they use them as camouflage while sitting and waiting for prey, they look like leave stems. And yes Cranwellis have some big horns were as the Ornata has none. I think the C. Aurita has the biggest and most defined horns and next would be the C. Cornuta. For the some Cranwellis having bigger then others I believe pretty much the same idea as suggested above, just all depends on the frog. Me personally think I have seen them twitch while watching them at night and in a way if they did it would make perfect sense. It almost would resemble a worm or little bug comeing out of the ground attracting the attention of prey, and when it comes strolling over to see what it is it would be standing right over the mouth and then we all know what happens.

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