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Thread: Frogs and a Paludarium

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm new to Frog Forum and new herps in general.

    I do have a couple of fish tanks though, salt and freshwater, and I'm getting the itch to expand again. My freshwater tank is a 30 gallon right now with a school of Botia Kubatoi loaches. I'm thinking about expanding that into a 75 gallon I have. I wasn't initially thinking about adding any frogs. The catalyst for the switch were some really cool paludariums I've seen that had habitats for hillstream loaches. I was planning on setting up something for some Hillstream and the Kubotai. A fast moving creek environment that they would really enjoy. This started me down the road of designing/making water features and backgrounds in general and I now I think I've settled on a half and half paludarium.

    I was hoping to be able to add some frogs to the land area. Something to add some activity to that half of the tank. However, I've been doing some research and I'm having a hard time finding a species that would find. It's a 75 gallon so 4 feet long and 18 inches wide. I'm planning on the land area taking up about 2' by 8 inches of that. Water would be about a foot high, moving at a pretty high rate of speed, at least 750 gph. I'm planning on doing linear flow layout with intakes all along one end and the pump outputs would be on the other. With the tank full I'd have about 9 inches of vertical, which I realize isn't much.

    The biggest thing I'm concerned (besides obviously that the species would be able to live comfortably in the space I have) are the fish. I know frogs have a tendency to gobble anything that can fit in their mouth. The loaches right now are about 3 to 4 inches long but are pretty narrow. When I get the hillstreams they'll probably be about 2 to 3 inches. I was optimistic about vietnamese mossy frog. They seem a good mix of aquatic and terrestial, but I'm thinking they'll just get too big. The best fit that I can see would be a mantella or a dendro as far as size and tendency to not eat fish, but I've also read that they run a pretty big risk of drowning, especially in deeper, faster water. And I'm a hard no on ADF. I'll already have the fish so I'm looking for something that'll at least spend part of its time on land.

    If you guys have any other animals that you think would work, I'd love to hear them. I'm open to suggestions and changes but there's gotta be room for my loach gang so if I can't make it work then I can't make it work. Maybe I'll look into some land crabs or something, I've heard some people keep them. Thanks in advance for the help guys!

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    Default Re: Frogs and a Paludarium

    Hey, you're right, there's a good chance the frogs would struggle with fast moving water although I don't know about mossies in particular. Personally, I'd go with crabs.

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    Default Re: Frogs and a Paludarium

    Yea, thanks! That's what I figured. I honestly don't know if crabs are really what I'm looking for either. I may just focus on perfecting the environment for my hillstreams.

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