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    Hello All!
    I have kept an american bullfrog, African dwarf frog, an axolotl, and lizards, and i'm ready to get a new amphibian. I have been seriously considering the pixie frog( African bullfrog). i love it's size and i have a name picked out. I have a 10 gallon tank for when it's small and will move up as he grows. But i do have a couple questions.
    15 or 20 gallon long tank? i've seen both
    Uv or Undertank heating? or no heat at all?
    frequent insect feeding or more occasional rodent (frozen thawed) feeding?

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    Hi young frogs will be fine in a 10-gallon, while pesonally I would house females in 20 gallons and as large as possible for large males. I would use overheat heating so they can bask and cool down naturally as they would in the wild. UVB is completely optional but I would recommend it; African bull frogs are active day and night in the wild and so would be exposed to good levels of UV but dietary d3 will still be necessary. Insect feeding, always supplemented with Repashy calcium plus and gut loaded beforehand, with occasional pink mouse. I would recommend reading giant African bullfrogs by Philippe de Vosjoli and Robert Mailloux, can be purchased from Amazon kindle and is the only decent book that goes into depth on their care, by the best people on herp care IMO. Always use a book as the main reference on caring for your animals

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    Thanks so much Jason!

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