I have 2 adult ACF that I adore. I have a 60 gallon tank and wanted to get 2 more. When they reproduced, I saved 25 eggs naively thinking maybe only 25% of the tadpoles would survive. I thought this would be a great way to get 2 more frogs and see the fascinating process of morphing from tadpole to frog. Much to my surprise all 25 tadpoles have survived! Now I have many more to find great homes for many more than I had imagined.

Parents are the natural coloration of greenish brown. Most of the tadpoles/froglets will look the same. However, there are 4 albinos in the tank as well!

About 1/4 have already turned into froglets. Some still look like tadpoles.

I live in Great Falls, VA. Near Washington DC. I don't want to ship. Local pickup or I would be willing to meet you within a reasonable distance.

Please respond with a private message if interested. Thanks for reading!