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Thread: African red toad, Clicking?

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    Exclamation African red toad, Clicking?

    Hi all, I'm in need of your help!
    Ok, so, I've got 2 African red toads. Well, These two are wild caught. They actually snuck into a suit case and some how made it past the air ports ( According to the man who gave them to me.. -Some may remember a post I made a long time ago, I lost that account, this is my new one...).
    I've had them for roughly 2 to 3 years now. I don't know how old they are, But they were "Fully" Grown (they may have grown a bit, but they were adults.) when I got them.

    So, here's the problem. Today, when I touched the one that I assume is a female, she clicked. I've heard her "snort" but not click, it was like a popping sound. She did this several times. It was not when she breathed, it was deliberate. When I say snort I literally mean like a snuffle, not a vocal sound, but more like its made with the nose and air...
    (This girl is a real confuser, she has skinny arms, I've never seen her have her throat pouch out, and she is bigger than my other ART (African Red Toad), But she technically makes noises, with the snuffle/snort. I'm like 99.9% Sure that my other ART is a male, I've seen his throat pouch out, he has strong looking arms, does the release call a lot if I try to touch him or pick him up, and is smaller than the other. I'm very inexperienced on telling nuptials, If anyone wants to try sexing them, I can post pictures of the toads and their feet lol)

    She did just shed, like as I'm typing this, Could that be it? I've heard that sometimes if they have trouble shedding or are about to shed they might pop/click. I just want to check with you guys before assuming all is okay. What do you all think?

    Thanks very much in advance! And if there are anymore questions, I'd be glad to answer them.

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    Default Re: African red toad, Clicking?

    I've never heard of toads clicking before, other than if it's a male that's annoyed or stressed out by being touched, they can generally make sounds of discomfort like any animal and the male've got better equipment for sound than the female.

    Sounds very shady with the suitcase story

    Whatever the truth may be, "snorting" or "snuffing" _can_ be reapiratorial annoyance, due to too low temperatures.
    Also if they are fairly the same age, but ithere's a narked weight- or muscle difference in them (apart from the natural male/female size difference, but like one of them having smaller or weaker forelims and staying skinnier), it is normally the sign of parasites or worms.

    I don't know if you've had this done yet, but wild caught animals for sure carry parasites and it can cause them alot of problems later in life, if not handled. I'd suggest a fecal test done

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