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Thread: Can I ditch my heat lamp at night since its getting warmer?

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    Default Can I ditch my heat lamp at night since its getting warmer?

    I bought my pacman frog in the winter, and at the time my room temperature was drastically low (probably anywhere from 63-70 degrees most of the time). I have a heat lamp that I use and I would cover the other half of the tank with tin foil to keep the heat in. It was working for a really long time during the winter, but just a few days ago temperatures in my area have upped quite a bit and my frog hasn't eaten in 2 days (I know they can go weeks without eating but mine is still around a year old and usually consumes 1-2 semi small crickets a day). I was wondering if it might be because the temperature in the tank might be too high actually. I had an old thermometer laying around and it said the temperature in my room was actually around 78-79. I'm not entirely sure how accurate that is but I'm now wondering if I should even be using the heat lamp at night now. I'm currently putting the heat lamp on the other side of the tank where her water bowl is because she almost never goes to that side of the tank and I'm putting tinfoil over the area she is.

    Also, off topic but I've noticed that sometimes my frog goes through these periods where she doesn't want to eat and I can always tell beforehand because her pupils will be very small. Usually when I go to feed her at night her pupils are huge and her red eyes are showing but sometimes they'll be very small and she won't eat when here eyes are like this. Anyone know why that might be? Pretty sure she isn't sleeping when she's like this because she'll still move around sometimes.

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    Default Re: Can I ditch my heat lamp at night since its getting warmer?


    Yes if your room ambient temp is 78f to 79f you could ditch the lamp at night, and if its a year old it could handle it even if you let it go down to about 75f. Do you have thermometer in your tank? Im just asking because you asked if he could be too warm now that temps have raised in the house and because your using a heat lamp but you didn't put how hot it actually was in the tank. Also at a year old he is an adult and I would space out the feeding and give him more. 1 or 2 crickets a day for a week is only 14 crickets and if you say your giving semi small to me this doesn't sound like enough, my adult could eat that in one sitting. For the not eating nights he/she is just more then likely not in the mood and her sitting with her eyes like that is his/her way of telling you im happy and content and just want to be left alone.

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    Default Re: Can I ditch my heat lamp at night since its getting warmer?

    No, the thermometer wasn't actually in the tank. It was laying right next to the tank. And as far as the feedings go, they're actually medium crickets and sometimes she'll eat more than that

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