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Thread: *noob* anyone familiar with "e.anthonyi"?

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    Question *noob* anyone familiar with "e.anthonyi"?

    Yesterday I was at a pet expo, and me and my girlfriend decided to pick out two pairs of these little frogs. We're pretty experienced with keeping animals, and think we have just about every base covered to properly care for them. My only (important) question at the moment is exactly which type of supplementation we should be providing.

    Any info would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    Default Re: *noob* anyone familiar with "e.anthonyi"?

    I have told others this, but as anthonyi are dart frogs, I would Recommend getting a dendroboard account as well, they are more active and a lot of the members likely got into the hobby the same way and have advice, or have the same species and have experience.
    Now to answer your question
    Calcium w/ D3 and occasionally vit. A. If you want, there is a general supplement for dart frogs called dendrocare, Josh's frogs sells it. Good Luck with the froggys!

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    Default Re: *noob* anyone familiar with "e.anthonyi"?

    As with most dart frogs, small foods are key, and feed them small meals once or twice a day, doing so will provide enough clean non humid air to enter so mold and other harmful substances to grow. I'd also PM another member named Deranged Chipmunk. (Or Bill as other people know him) If he's still around, he'll answer your questions, he answered mine when I almost got into dart frogs

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