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Thread: Help finding homes for ACF babies

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    Exclamation Help finding homes for ACF babies

    So, I did something really stupid. I am pretty new to ACF caretaking. I got my first two last summer. Anyway, this spring, they mated and produced LOTS of eggs. I "saved" several of them, assuming that they would not all make it. Well, I was wrong. I don't believe there were any fatalities, and now I have about 40 babies I need to find homes for. I did have 46, but was able to find a home for 6 of them. The babies are in various stages of development, all the way from legs just starting to grow to ones that look like little frogs with tails. I now know that "saving" so many eggs was NOT a good idea, as I now need to find homes for these guys. Does anyone have any suggestions/experience in the best way to find homes for ACF babies? I have posted on Craigslist, eBay, eBay classifieds, and the local humane society's website. I have also put up signs at the LFS, as well as other places in the community. I even put a sign in my yard and also have one for my car. Are there any suggestions as to what else I can do?
    BTW, I am in Severn, MD, in case anyone is interested in taking in a few.
    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    Default Re: Help finding homes for ACF babies

    I'm not in the same country as you so I don't know of specific websites, but I'll list some ideas off the top of my head:
    General online forums for people living in your area.
    Fish-keeping forums.
    Amphibian forums and websites.
    The selling section of this forum (if you haven't already listed there).
    Try Googling axolotls or newts in your area and see what comes up. See where people are selling those and list your frogs there. Obviously also try Googling ACFs in your area. I expect that you'll get less results though if it's anything like here.
    General pet selling websites (I don't know of specifics in your country).
    Facebook selling pages.
    If you know of any fish/reptile shops that look after their animals properly, ask if they're interested in selling any of them from their shop. They might be more interested when they're semi-adult frogs though.
    Contact zoos, sealife centres and public aquariums to see if they're interested in any.

    That's all I can think of right now.

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    Default Re: Help finding homes for ACF babies

    maybe a local pet store would be willing to adopt for free, make you pay to give them the frogs, or even buy them? good luck! also if you do manage to give them away, and you give more than one to someone, be sure to tell them that the frogs are related so that inbreeding doesn't mess up the gene pool.

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