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Thread: How Many Frogs?

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    Angry How Many Frogs?

    Hello! I'm a beginner to the whole Reptile/Amphibian pet keeping. I currently have my very first frog, the American Green Tree Frog. I keep him in a 18"x18"x18" Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium/Vivarium. I have two questions on this. First off is how many more frogs can I house in my terrarium? Because Julain (my frog) is alone he's rather shy. I know there's safety in numbers so maybe he'd be easier to handle around other frogs? My other question is that how can I keep my terrarium humid? The air has been very dry and not humid enough for my little kermit. I can't afford a fogger or heater yet and I keep two bowls of water in the terrarium. I mist it very often yet, it's still dry!

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    You would be safe having two frogs, the one you have, and another one. Before you get it, make sure you have a quarantine period for the new one, so if it does have a sickness, you can spot it, and treat it before it spreads to your other animals. What I would do, is still mist often, but have a water bowl in there just incase it is too dry for him

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    Default How Many Frogs?

    Cover part of the screen top with plexiglas or a moist towel or plastic wrap. That should help keep humidity in.

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    four agtf can be kept in that size of tank. personally i wouldn't restrict ventilation because tree frogs like good airflow. i use eco earth as substrate and mist once a day and this is enough for me to maintain humidity of 60-70 percent. a lot of reptile hydrometers i've found to be unreliable to measure humidity, they'll work well for a week or so and then start to go bad. i use the zoo med hygrometer now though and seems to be good enough

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