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Thread: More on Cane Toads!

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    Post More on Cane Toads!

    Hello again,

    My cane toad seems to be settling in a bit more, but is still horribly afraid of me and certainly won't eat from tongs. I know with most toads and frogs you aren't supposed to hold them much, but I've read cane toads can be the exception. Anyone have much insight on this, and if he'll eventually calm down and grow accustomed to my presence, or is that a more rare thing? I've watched many youtube videos of cane toad owners and most seem much calmer than mine when it comes to human interaction!

    Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: More on Cane Toads!

    As I am a future zoologist, I always wish to get more and more information about these kind of living things. You can click here for more information as frogs can be so genius I had no idea before reading post about the skills and ways to get food of frogs.

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