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Thread: RETF not eating. plz answer ASAP

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    Unhappy RETF not eating. plz answer ASAP

    hey guys, i just got a retf a week ago and he isnt eating. I dont put crickets in the tank bc i tried to do that with me grey tree frog and i got mites in the tank from the dead crickets. I tried putting him in a critter cage in his tank over night with crickets in there but he didnt eat. PLZ reaspond asap.

    bad at spelling sorry


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    Default Re: RETF not eating. plz answer ASAP

    I'm not a frog expert and I'm sure you'll hear from some soon, but here are a few things to consider:
    Do you have a planted tank? Are you sure that what was eating the dead crickets before was mites or was it springtails which are scavenger bugs and supposed to eat the crickets?
    Do red eye tree frogs do well individually? I had been under the impression that they do best in small groups but, as I said, I'm no expert.
    I have a trio or RETF. I have never seen them eat, but the cricket population in the enclosure seems low, I see poop, and after nearly a year, they're all doing OK.


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    Default Re: RETF not eating. plz answer ASAP

    Hi Lucca

    You really shouldn't take it out to feed, it will stress the frog out. Instead try not too put too many crickets in, monitor how much the frog actually eats. If you still see crickets roaming about the next day, you're feeding too much or too often.

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