Going to be at the Hamburg Pa. reptile show this Saturday February 27th

Heres what will be at the rainforestjunkys.com table.

Cb treefrogs:

Redeyes subadult $40 ea
Hylomantus Lemur juvenile $40 ea
Hyla Marmorata aka: bird poop frog subadult $35 ea
Cruziohyla Calcarifer aka: splendid leaf frog sexed adults $200 ea
Cruziohyla Carlcarifer aka: splendid leaf frog juviís $150 ea or 5 for $125 ea*show price
Cruziohyla Craspedopus aka: amazon fringed treefrog $500 ea.
Phyllomedusa Tomopterna aka: Super Tigerlegs subadult $40 ea.
Blue Australian Whites tree frog juviís $30 ea
Clown treefrogs $45 ea.


HUGE SELECTION of Universal Rock perfect for incorporating waterfalls andplanters inside the vivs.
HUGE SELECTION of Universal BRANCHES AND TREE STUMPS Ė no more baking wood orcork bark to sterilize it.
Universal rock backgrounds that fit 12x18, 18x18, 18x24, 36x36 exoterra tanksall tapped with waterfalls
Live plants: Silver monstera, Red emerald philodendron, Alocasia
Live Sheet Moss
Silicone (black & clear)
Water pumps
Fruit flies
Rainforestjunkys.com fruit Fly media (2 sizes avail)
Rainforestjunkys.com cricket Gut Load (3 sizes avail)

I will not have much chance to get on the internet so feel free to give me a shout via phone at 216-965-2856 to reserve animals and paypal payments.
For more info on the show and location visit www.hamburgreptileshow.com
You can also visit us on facebook at rainforestjunkys.com/rainforestjunkies.com or rainforestjunkys.com
We'll see you there.
Sorry for no images. For some reason this forum will not let me load them. For pics visit the website rainforestjunkys.com or the rainforestjunkys.com/rainforestjunkies.com facebook page.