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Thread: Toad won't eat

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    Default Toad won't eat

    I caught my toad out in the wild about 2 years ago. She was by the dumpsters at my work.

    About 2 weeks ago, she stopped eating completely.
    I attributed it to the fact that my apt isn't heated very well and it gets cold. I was thinking maybe she's hibernating?
    But she's so skinny now..Really skinny. And I'm really worried.
    She's not interested in anything but sitting in her house.
    And won't even touch any crickets that I put in her dish.
    Nothing's changed about her habitat, it's been the same since the beginning
    Coconut substrate. her water is treated so it's not chlorinated.
    I don't know what else to do.
    My friend suggested a vet? But I doubt they'll be able to help her.
    Force feeding is a no go either, I can't get her to open her mouth. I was going to check for obstructions as well.
    And she did poop before she stopped eating. I'm at a loss.

    She could be depressed? Or just..ready to give up. Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Toad won't eat

    I know this is an old post, If the toad is still with us, I'd like to try and help. (Just joined the forum a few days ago.).

    Have you tried enrichment? Wild toads are used to a big variety in food and places. Try pillbugs or moths, or pretty much any bug you find outside. Maybe some ants?

    Try putting some outdoor stuff in. Like a big old log, or some leaves to play, hunt and sleep in. You can try a exotic vet, but some people are uncomfortable with paying that much money (I totally understand that, Not trying to sound mean or anything, but my toads have never been to a vet.)

    Is she still with us? Any updates if so? I'm so sorry that this is happening. ;(

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    Default Re: Toad won't eat

    No, she died.

    I buried her out in the woods, under a very lovely tree.

    Thanks though. I appreciate the concern.

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    Default Re: Toad won't eat

    I wish someone had seen it earlier, though if it helps I don't see anything obviously wrong from your post. Sometimes frogs from the wild just have trouble in captivity.

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