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Thread: Disoriented, anorexic, easily afraid frog

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    Question Disoriented, anorexic, easily afraid frog


    It seems my pet American bullfrog has fallen ill, although his symptoms are not on his physical body, but more in his behavior. It's not clear why he is behaving the way he is, though it has been progressive (about a month ago, these symptoms were showing but hardly enough to cause concern):


    -Frog is extremely disoriented.
    When presented live food via tweezer or chopsticks or even placed in his tank to pursue himself, he will aim to eat and completely miss the mark
    -Frog will hop and bump into things.
    Sometimes I let him roam my room, he hides under my dresser or sits in the sun. He is usually very good at navigating and squeezing through narrow spots, but all he ever does now is hop and bump his head.
    -Frog is anorexic.
    He just is not willing to eat. It has been 6 days since he has eaten. He has gone longer than that without food, but this in addition to the lack of coordination is concerning.
    -Seems a little bloatey? (Can't tell)
    -Easily afraid.
    My frog will usually tolerate people lifting him and putting him on the ground to explore the room though my frog has been so skittish and panicked he has swum in circles, bumped his head on the tank, and generally not been himself.
    -Leaning to the right
    My frog has a severe lean to the right, and is rarely ever perfectly horizontal

    Background and care:

    -I bought my American bullfrog from a Chinese market, where he was sold as food. I have had him for about a year now with some serious success- he eats heartily usually, swims or sits like a normal frog (used to, anyway).

    -He used to subsist on crickets that were sprinkled with calcium, but within the last month, he has only been eating super mealworms without calcium (he seemed to have trouble getting the entire worm in his mouth too)

    -His tank is in the 70-80 degree range, in a 15 gallon tank with 2 inches of water. He has some rocks in the tank too. We have always used the water from our shower, treated with the chlorine removal liquid at every water change. My frog seems to have always tolerated and done well in our water, though our area (Eastern shore of US) has been known to be hard water. No idea what the pH is, though it can't have changed since we first got him.

    Thank you in advance! I will be attaching pictures of my frog in the replies since it seems it won't let me in the original post.

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    Default Re: Disoriented, anorexic, easily afraid frog

    Not an expert, okay? But these all sound neurological. The disorientation, the bumping into things and being more afraid all could be symptoms of poor vision and leaning to one side suggests neurological stuff too. That could be caused by lots of things, either treatable or not.

    Hopefully someone else with actual experience with this can answer. You could try finding a herp vet.

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