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Thread: Co habitat for pacman and crested geckos

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    Default Co habitat for pacman and crested geckos

    Someone had converted an old wooden cabinet with glass front doors into a reptile enclosure. Its waterproofed I was told. Its 3ftx3ftx2ft and well made.
    In person it turned out larger than I was thinking based on the photo so I started thinking about what I could do with it. Originally housed a chinese water dragon, so it came with a waterfall and some big sticks and foliage.

    I just got some baby crested geckos and my original plan was to move them into this when they are adults.

    But... I was thinking with all that space... for the bottom half, taking black PCV and making a frame like an open air terrarium and putting black screen on the top to prevent the geckos from getting to the bottom, and at the bottom a glass panel or flooring tile on one side (or back since there is already holes for cords back there) with an attached heating pad to provide a basking area for a pacman frog.

    Since pacmans and cresteds need about the same humidity, but the pacman needs a warm spot, I thought it would be a good way to have both and utilize the space nicely. I was planning on a plastic liner for the flooring for moist substrate to keep it from sitting directly on the wood for the frog to burrow into. But I didn't want the heating pad to be directly on the wood either an a tile emits a nice big area of heat but a piece of glass would work too.

    Then a UVB strip bulb at the top to grow some real plants. I can then open the doors to feed the geckos and frog and clean them up easily.

    So what do you think? Doable idea?

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    Default Re: Co habitat for pacman and crested geckos

    Oh god.... How to say it nicely.....
    You do not want to do it, ever it is wrong on so so many levels.......please please don't do it, you will loose cresties and your pacman frog too.

    Their husbandry is completely opposite, humidity not even close to be the same, set ups, temps, so all different. big tank for pacman is bad, geckos will become pacman food soon enough too even if they all are adults and if they survive in that tank to their adulthood ( very unlikely). Constant humidity at around 75 needed for pacman will kill cresties. Dry out periods needed for cresties will kill your pacman. That's only I'm talking about humidity.

    So so please please don't do it, swing by pacman section, check the care sheet. For cresties you can contact me, I'll set you up with the proper husbandry.
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    Default Re: Co habitat for pacman and crested geckos

    Yep I'm afraid the constant humidity will cause skin rot and respiratory problems for a crested gecko

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