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Thread: Creating "levels" in large setup?

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    Default Creating "levels" in large setup?

    I'm not sure if I've posted here but I need some ideas!

    I will be purchasing either a 20 Gallon Long or a 40 Gallon Long for my two toads.. and really need some ideas for creating different levels in the tank. By levels, I mean different stories/floors/etc for them to wander on and under. Think car parks.

    They will have about 3 inches of dirt on each level as my crew like to burrow, but not fully cover themselves. Also, I'd like maybe the bottom level to be a 1/3 water- kind of pond like. There will be plants, of course, to keep it vivarium like. I'd like maybe 2-3 levels. Possibly 2 1/2. But have no idea what material to use for the levels.

    Has anyone ever done this? Any ideas how to "buildup"? Am I making any sense?

    Also, plants that would be good going in the covered areas (receive little light- if any.) I've never done leveling but really want to explore the idea because of such a large tank.

    Thanks to any advice/thoughts/whatever!
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    Default Re: Creating "levels" in large setup?

    Following! I'm curious for answers. I'm building a 65 right now. I'm going to have at least 8" of water though. Trying to figure best option for everything

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