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Thread: Cures for redleg?

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    Default Cures for redleg?

    My 4 year old whites tree frog Slurp has had red leg for a little over a year now. She has revolved 3 week long doses of Baytril and one 2 week long dosage of Baytril. These madications help her but the instant she is off them she gets a red belly again and refuses to acknowledge food. She once went over a month with absolutely no food about 7 months ago. Is there any other medication i could try?

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    Default Re: Cures for redleg?

    I don't mean to disregard the advice of a veterinarian but have they done cultures to find out what precisely is causing the redleg?

    I mean redleg is really just a compilation of symptoms and not an exact diagnosis, it may bacterial but it could also be viral or fungal in which case Baytril isn't going to be much good. After all there are a myriad of treatments for redleg as there are a myriad of causes. I would take her back to the vet and request cultures so you can utilise a more targeted treatment.

    The baytril may also be keeping the infection at bay without actually eliminating it however the fact that she's been suffering for over a year and not passed due to the related septicaemia or organ failure seems unusual. Redleg is usually quite fatal and often, even when caught early, without the appropriate cultures and treatment it has a high mortality rate. Mind you, you could just have a very strong and very stubborn frog on your hands or it may be a secondary infection stemming from the original one.

    Is she skinny or maintaining her weight? How is her appetite when she is medicated?
    Does she ever have any open sores or ulcers?
    Does she have any bleeds anywhere other than her legs and abdomen?
    Is she in a hospital tank, planted tank etc? Do you move her tank after the completion of the treatment?
    Have you tried boosting her temps to see if something fungal could be the cause?
    Has your vet suggested Tetracycline or Doxycycline?
    What has been your treatment regime? eg salt baths, neosporin.
    Has she shown any symptoms that do not fit within the typical red leg symptoms?

    I personally would want a second opinion after a year of recurring symptoms as it sounds like something has been missed.

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