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Thread: Pixie frog w/ or w/o tank in MA

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    Unhappy Pixie frog w/ or w/o tank in MA

    I have a pixie frog, have had it for a few months. About the size of an orange, may be a male (has the yellow coloration starting) but not positive. The plan was to keep it when we moved but the land lord suddenly changed their mind after we already gave notice here (he doesn't want bugs escaping he said).

    We've been feeding it mostly dubia roaches, large about 5-10 per meal 1-2 times a week (now less since it's getting colder). Also eats the occasionally F/T mouse, earth worms, crickets, mealworms, wax worms.

    He's pretty mellow, only handled for feeding time when I put him in the critter carrier to eat, when he's full he tries to jump out and I put him away. So far hasn't bit me.

    It's in a 15 gal tank, no top, and no light/heat pad (those are going to my friend who has geckos after this guy is gone). He's in eco earth, which I can give you what i have left over (probably enough for 1 cage cleaning) plus a small ceramic water bowl.

    I'm asking $40 for frog w/ tank + accessories
    $20 for just the frog

    e-mail for pictures and other information (I can't upload pics to here from my phone)
    contact: or TEXT 978-478-7660 (don't call, i most likely won't get a voice mail)


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    Default Re: Pixie frog w/ or w/o tank in MA

    Is this frog still available? I live pretty far away, but we might be able to work something out.

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    Default Re: Pixie frog w/ or w/o tank in MA

    Is it a dwarf if not I will buy if you can ship to Washington.

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