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Thread: Can someone help me identify what is wrong with my toad?

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    Default Can someone help me identify what is wrong with my toad?

    I have noticed some dry, circular spots on my toads face. They are the same on each side. There was what looked like white stuff coming from his rear. I made an appointment with a vet, but the soonest they can see me is thursday. He seems less active. He hasn't slept under the dirt in a long while. He sits in his water dish pretty often. He is at least 2 years old and is a fowler toad. I tried to post jpeg pictures from my phone, but the site said the images weren't valid. If anyone knows how to post pictures, and can let me know, I'll upload them.

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    Default Re: Can someone help me identify what is wrong with my toad?

    Sounds like it may be a parasitic infection, but without photos, it's hard to tell. You can use a photo uploading site like photobucket. Unfortunately, the forum was hacked this past spring and it's been difficult to fix the photo uploader.
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