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Thread: Safe Wood For Gray Tree Frog?

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    Default Safe Wood For Gray Tree Frog?


    I picked up some wood and bark for my gray tree frog terrarium. Here's what I think I have:

    Several pieces of unknown species (they had no bark whatsoever, so... kind of hard to tell)
    Branches that are probably from a maple (the bark is right [but they're branches, so it could also be the "branch/young tree bark" of another species] and sugar maples are, by far, the predominant species in that area...there were a few ash trees around, though).
    A large piece of bark from a tree that has been cut down: my guesses: basswood, oak, or elm (maybe maple, but, would be surprised). A quick look around did not reveal living trees with that bark. There are a few oaks in that area and I think I saw an elm. I also know there are a few basswoods in that forest...they're rare, but that would explain why I did not find another one.

    I kind of suck when it comes to identifying tree based on bark alone. Especially when that bark if from a tree that's been dead a while.

    There were no conifers around, so it would be very unlikely for any of those pieces to be from one.

    I wouldn't risk any of this in a salamander terrarium, but I figure tree frogs would be adapted to most potentially harmful substances naturally found in trees because...well... they're tree frogs. But I know enough to know it might be wrong of me to make that assumption. What are your thoughts? Can I use any of the stuff I listed above, or is the uncertainty too great? If one of these pieces is bad for the frog will it become obvious before something really bad happens?

    I also read that maple is safe in dry setups but not in wet setups. Is a gray tree frog terrarium too wet for maple to be safe?

    Your thoughts will be very appreciated.

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