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    Exclamation Teeny tiny baby toad

    Ok my current three California toads are around three months old and about an inch in size at most. My current worry is I rescued a California toad tadpole from the feeder tank at work before he became food and hes tiny just got his legs and exploring out of the water. Its maybe 1/4 inch. Is there a risk he can be eaten by the big guys?? So far hes being iggnored mostly but he just now like a few minutes ago decided to explore the dirt. They will be moved into a 20 long once I get the divider for the tank. But currently reside in a 15 half land half water. Will small fry be safe or should I move it????

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    If you haven't moved the tiny one out of the tank with the three bigger ones, do it now, if not five minutes sooner! Toads will eat anything that moves that they can fit into their mouths.

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    Ya' know toads can be cannibalistic sometimes? Even if they dont appear they will surprise you sometimes. Better be safe than sorry. Id move the baby toad into a 5gallon tank. Or even a 2 gallon tank. Temporarly of course. Untill he/she is big enough to go in a larger tank. Because since its so tiny it may not even find the fruit flies when you put em in. You know? Also dont mix toads of any kind, or any size. Unless they are similar. A 3inch toad can go with a 4-5inch toad. A 1 inch toad CANT go with a toad above 2inches. A 3 inch toad cant go with a 7 or 8 inch toad. You know? And yes there ARE some toads that get huge. Yes people tend to m ix em up sometimes.

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