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Thread: Pacman Substrate Question

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    Question Pacman Substrate Question

    Has anyone ever used ABG soil mix from Joshs Frogs?

    It's mixture is as follows
    • leaf litter
    • sphagnum peat
    • fine long fiber sphagnum
    • fir bark
    • Charcoal

    I used this in my terrarium because it was fantastic for plants and looks great, but in hindsight i'm wondering if I'll run into problems in the future.

    Should I switch my pacman to a different enclosure with coco fiber?

    If I'm worried about impaction how should I prepare it's soak? I hear honey is good do I just mix it into the water? - My Frog hiding under a pothos - Picture of ABG in its packaging

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    Default Re: Pacman Substrate Question

    Hello, for Abg mix im not sure because I have never actually seen it. From what I understand we cant get it here in Canada so we have to make our own mixture, I believe I read that in thread on here awhile back. Are those small rocks in that bag on the right side? In that first picture is that moss, if so I would take that out for sure. For a drainaige layer ABG would work but I would be a little worried if him ingesting it and it impacting him if its actuall substrate he will burrow into. Again I don't use or have seen it so maybe someone else will have more input on that part for you. Now for the honey bath you just put enough warm declorinated water up to his chin and add a couple drops of honey and mix it in. I do like 3-4 drops of the honey and it seems to work when needed, luckily I haven't had to do this in a long time. And if he doesn't poop while in the honey its ok, I find when I do have to do it they sometimes go as soon as I put them back in there enclosure. You can put a towel over his bath container to help keep heat in and make him feel abit more secure. Let him soak for about 20 mins and then give him just a normal warm declorinated water bath to wash the honey off. IMO I would stick with the good old cocofibre and save yourself from worrying if he is going to ingest something he shouldn't.

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