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Thread: Gray Treefrog / Hyla versicolor and H chrysoscelis caresheet

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    Default Re: Gray Treefrog / Hyla versicolor and H chrysoscelis caresheet

    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Wardog View Post
    KP you know only people from PA could accept one gray tree frog unless they apply for a permit to keep more frogs right? It's illegal to keep more then one of any species in the state without a permit so this could really get someone in trouble. I just want to respond so that doesn't happen. This comes up on many places people wanting many specimens but there are laws on native amphibians.

    I'm not trying to be negative in any way I just want to make sure everyone is upholding the law of the land. At least in PA.

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    That's between me and the PA Fish and Boat Commission.

    What exactly are you referring to that "could really get SOMEONE in trouble"? Do you mean to accuse me of keeping the hundreds of Gray Tree Frogs you see in my photos? Or of selling them? You need to stop trolling my posts.

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    Default Re: Gray Treefrog / Hyla versicolor and H chrysoscelis caresheet

    For those interested in assisting their local Gray Tree Frog population to increase, I can help with that. PM me for details. The reason I prefer to explain how I have increased my local population of Gray Tree Frogs and American Toads by PM is that I have a very persistant troll here who loves to derail threads I post on by attempting to discredit all I say with their opinion and in order to avoid that, it's much simpler to explain the details of my successful "compound" as I call it, in private.

    I believe the best way to insure these creature's survival in their native biome is to promote their propagation right where you live if where you live also happens to be where they live as in my case. To that end I've kept a very successful operation going here since 2008 and have, over the last 5 years, had an increase of over six fold in the number of morphs launching onto my property and from there, naturally into the surrounding wildlands.

    Anyone who'd like some good methods for doing the same can find out about all of what I've done thus far to try on their own land. My photo albums can explain some of what I've done to date.

    For those who are inclined to think the worst, or worse yet, want to accuse me with not-so-veiled-threats as my troll here did; I do not sell or give away any of the Frogs, Toads or other Amphibians from my compound or anyplace else for that matter.
    Gray Tree Frogs live in colonies and individuals from other colonies can be detrimental to any colony of Gray Tree Frogs. In fact, transporting and transplanting of most any animal, even within its own natural habitat can be problematic to the local population of the same specie and in some cases, other species as well.

    I'm also opposed to the exotic pet trade in general and especially that of Reptiles and Amphibians unless it is verified that the animals are captive bred and treated humanely by their handlers and dealers as the exotic pet trade is notorious for contributing to the endangerment and even extinction of many species through the harvesting of wild specimens and is nearly as impactful as the loss of habitat in some cases.

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    Default Re: Gray Treefrog / Hyla versicolor and H chrysoscelis caresheet

    I'm just going to start flagging these comments for abuse.

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    Default Re: Gray Treefrog / Hyla versicolor and H chrysoscelis caresheet

    I have been researching legal collection of endemics for an educational collection. In the course of this the gov herp guy suggested a versicolor might be a better display specimen than a bullfrog and descried how to legally collect one. Is there any landowner in Illinois with a robust population who might let me collect one?

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