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Thread: Mini Frog, Bat with Freakish Tongue Found in Bolivia

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    Default Mini Frog, Bat with Freakish Tongue Found in Bolivia

    Yahoo News (USA) August 24th, 2015 01:37 PM: Mini Frog, Bat with Freakish Tongue Found in Bolivia

    A "robber frog" with beady, gold-rimmed eyes and a bizarre bat with a record-long tongue are among the menagerie of species discovered during an expedition in Bolivia. The slick, earth-hued robber frog, or big-headed frog, was spotted during the first leg of the 18-month-long expedition to explore Bolivia's Madidi National Park, considered the world's most biologically diverse park, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society. "As soon as we saw these frogs'*distinctive orange inner thighs, it aroused our suspicions about a possible new species, especially because this habitat has never really been studied in detail before Identidad Madidi," which is the name of the Bolivian scientific expedition, James Aparicio, a herpetologist at the Bolivian Faunal Collection, said in a statement.

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