Hello! I recently bought a baby pacman frog about 2 weeks ago. When I first got her, she fit the stereotype of having that typical voracious appetite. Eating roughly 4 small crickets a day. I took her on a trip that i took this past week where she was in a critter keeper compared to her 10 gallon tank she usually is in. On the trip she had a prolapse about 2.5 days in which was treated using the sugar warm water bath that the vet i contacted had recommended. I didn't feed her for a day and she refused to eat swatting away the food and ultimately turning away from it. She then ate one dusted small cricket the third day from then till now (3 days from her last cricket) she hasn't eaten. She is no longer in the critter keeper and now back in her 10 gallon tank. Does anyone know or have heard of this before? Is it the stress of moving from one location and in cars plus the prolapse effecting her desire to eat?
Thanks so much any advice that could be given is greatly appreciated!!!